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How to Execute RevOps - Pardot Life Hacks - #30

October 6, 2020

A revenue operations function is not created overnight. It takes aligning your teams across the entire customer journey and configuring your technology platforms to streamline your business processes.

How is this done? Pardot Life Hacks presents a special feature of Cheshire Impact’s webinar recording, How to Execute RevOps, with your Host, Jennifer Lynn Schneider, along with fellow Salesforce 2020 Marketing Champions, Logan Childs and Casey Cheshire. Tune in and find out what it takes to align your teams and how you can set up your technology to fuel the revenue force.



  • Revenue operations are not executed by just one team, or one silo, but by sales, marketing, and operations all working together across the entire customer’s journey.
  • Aside from net new leads entering the system, how are you engaging with the 60-75% of the Salesforce database that already exists? Are you utilizing field data to trigger nurture programs in Pardot? Do you have segmented messaging for leads versus contacts?
  • RevOps is all about ownership, taking responsibility for the entire customer journey. Teams need to map out the buyer’s journey and define the responsibility of each department as the buyer moves through each stage.
  • Teams need to take the time to define their strategy and process first, and then configure the technology to execute and continue to fuel the revenue machine. As Casey Cheshire says, the order is “strategy, process, technology.” 
  • Be sure to set up and take full advantage of the foundational Pardot revenue operations features available to you, such as scoring and grading, prior to chasing more advanced tools.
  • Identify and discuss lead and contact transition points in the buyer’s journey among sales, marketing, and operations. Where are the areas in which opportunities could fall through the cracks?


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