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How to Pick the Right Partner - Pardot Life Hacks - #16

January 14, 2020

Having the right partner at your side can be the difference between feeling supported or frustrated when dealing with your tech stack. However, with so many partners out there and the stress of purchasing new technology it can be difficult to discern for who the right partner is.

To help ease the process, Jennifer Lynn Schneider gives her top considerations for choosing the right partner for your business needs. She encourages listeners to look beyond budget, tactical skill, and quick promises, and to think about their business strategy, and investment in your company. 


Jennifer’s Top Considerations for picking the right partner

  • Do they specialize or are they a jack of all trades? Does their specialized skill align with your business needs?
  • Do they have a competitive edge in the industry, that sets them apart from the rest?
  • Do they have process and project analysis methods? This gives you insight into their experience. Find out what tools they use for project management.
  • Do their culture and values align with your company’s?
  • Do they have reference and credibility in the industry?
  • Is the partner invested in your business’ future and push you out of your comfort zone? Do they provide multiple options for how your business could execute processes? Their drive to push your team to be the best will show how much they care.
  • Are they focused on budget alone to win your business? Offering a cheaper deal could lead to cutting corners and not allocating for the appropriate amount of hours needed to properly execute a project. Beware of deals that are too good to be true.
  • Do they understand the technical and business side of your company?
  • Do they have empathy? How does this partner vocalize your business needs? What is their tone like on calls with you?
  • What is their team structure that can support you?
  • “The right partner is not just a transaction…” - Jennifer Lynn Schneider



  • Find conferences or events in your area where a potential partner will be speaking. - This allows you to meet the team, before you meet the team. If they are not speaking at an event, check their social media, blog, or podcasts. What kind of thought leadership are they putting out to the community?
  • Do not take a potential partner’s word for it, do your own research. - Talk to their customers and find out how the partner communicates and supports the goals of their customers. Ask their customers how the partner responds to adversity.
  • Don’t be swayed by shiny squirrels and demos. - Your team’s goal is to improve your business, not adopt new technology for tech’s sake. Be sure that this is the right time for your business to adopt new technology, so that your efforts are scalable.



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