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Kool-Aid Chat | Meet Pardot Einstein | A Product Discussion featuring Alon Shvo - Pardot Life Hacks - #20

March 10, 2020

As Jennifer Lynn Schneider takes trailblazers through the marketing to sales lead Hand-Off Series, she brings in a guest to discuss Pardot Einstein and the powerful features of the product that aligns marketing and sales.

A Technological Expert in Analysis and Product Management, fellow Salesforce Ohana member, and Product Manager at Salesforce, Alon Shvo, takes listeners through each feature of Pardot Einstein and describes how they can be leveraged for gaining marketing insights to align with sales and focusing in on driving more revenue for the company.



  • Pardot Einstein is a set of AI driven features helping marketers to market and sell smarter.
  • The Behavior Scoring Feature of Pardot Einstein is an intent model that uses machine learning to identify marketing engagement patterns of prospects and the likelihood that their patterns will result in an opportunity for sales.
  • Behavioral scoring is on a scale of 1 - 100 to eliminate the guesswork of what a score of 250 or 500 means.
  • If you do not have engagement history enabled for your sales reps to see the marketing campaigns that leads have engaged with, you are taking away their ability to leverage the past experiences that the prospect has had with your brand.
  • Einstein Lead Scoring takes data from the lead object such as title and industry, and analyzes the historical data of the profile of leads that have converted into opportunities in the past, then it compares this data to the leads you currently have. It allows teams to see which leads are the most likely to convert, so you can focus on what really drives revenue.
  • Do not try and push as many prospects to sales as possible, you want to push leads that are ready to buy.
  • If you have prospects in Pardot that are not synced to Salesforce, you will not be able to utilize lead scoring for those prospects, because lead scoring operates from the lead object in Salesforce.
  • Campaign Insights analyzes prospect engagement activity with your campaigns and the audience characteristics, to provide key performance insights about the campaign.
  • There are two sides to attribution. The attribution that drives visitor conversion to prospects and then the attribution that contributes revenue to the company.


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