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Making Moves Management - Pardot Life Hacks - #44

April 13, 2021

A Salesforce Marketing Champion, 5x Salesforce Certified Ohana Member, Portland Oregon Nonprofit User Group Co-Leader, Writer, Marketing Automation Solution Consultant at Traction on Demand, Jacqueline Fassett, shares her expert knowledge in Moves Management for the nonprofit sector and expands on how the approach translates into account based marketing for the B2B space.



  • Jacqueline’s favorite Pardot Life Hack: honing in on your email preference center. This will save you time, improve your relationship with prospects, and create a good brand reputation.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the prospects before sending out email communication. Is the message you are about to send personalized and relevant to their buyer’s journey?
  • Moves Management can be translated to ABM on the B2B side. Just as you would identify and qualify target accounts and then nurture them with the goal of turning them into bigger customers, this is the exact same thing with moves management.
  • With Moves Management, start by identifying the major donors who have a high engagement, the ones who have subscribed to your content and attended your events, as these will be easier to approach. Then enter those who are less engaged into a nurture campaign with the attempt to warm them up for your development team.
  • When creating a moves management strategy, start at the beginning, strategize on tools or technology features to leverage, and discuss who you are targeting and why.
  • “Getting a well-rounded look at how prepared an organization is for marketing automation is going to help decide which tool to go after and when/how to use it. It’s more than just a budget conversation.”~Jacqueline
  • Career Advice: Make self-care a priority as you grow your career.


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