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Casey Cheshire on The Marketing Champion Spotlight Series l Favorite Pardot Life Hacks - Pardot Life Hacks

June 30, 2020

Salesforce 2020 Marketing Champion, Marketing Automation Strategist, Speaker, Mentor, Podcast Host, Author of Marketing Automation Unleashed, and the Founder & CMO of Cheshire Impact, Casey Cheshire, shares his favorite Pardot Life Hack and it is all about suppression lists.

Tune in as you hear Casey’s #PardotLifeHack for how to avoid forgetting to add all of your suppression lists, the next time you send an email in Pardot.



  • The list of people that you do not send your email to, is just as important as the people that you do send the email to.
  • Marketers are busy, and if they forget to add all of their suppression lists to a particular email, then the wrong people could be receiving the wrong message at the wrong time.



  • Create a Pardot global suppression list to only have one suppression list to add to your next email, ensuring that the right people are receiving the message that is intended for them.


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