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Morgan Wiedmann on the Marketing Champion Spotlight Series l Favorite Pardot Life Hacks - Pardot Life Hacks

July 15, 2020

Salesforce 2020 Marketing Champion, Writer, Blogger, Podcast Host, Content Specialist at Weichert Workforce Mobility, Morgan Wiedmann, shares her favorite Pardot Life Hack and it is all about connected campaigns.

Tune in as you hear Morgan’s #PardotLifeHack for how Salesforce Pardot connected campaigns can make a difference in your marketing operations and some quick wins after enablement.



  • Connected campaigns help to align sales and marketing, keeps marketing organized with the campaign hierarchy structure, and it provides the ability for detailed reporting with Lightning Reports & Dashboards and B2B Marketing Analytics.
  • Morgan’s top tip for connected campaigns is to start simple. When it is time to build out parent child campaigns, start with either your events or webinars.
  • Establish a consistent naming convention for your Parent Child hierarchy campaign. Use the same format with your folders in Pardot and the names for your assets, keeping everything organized.
  • To build out your campaign hierarchy, start with your parent campaigns first. What are the bigger items in which you can create child campaigns underneath?
  • You can customize campaign member statuses to track the path of prospects throughout a campaign and see how much they engaged.
  • Connected campaigns in a nutshell is “reporting, organization, and alignment.” - Morgan Wiedmann



  • Enable Salesforce Pardot Connected Campaigns to gain the ability for advanced reporting on your marketing efforts with Lightning Reports & Dashboards and B2B Marketing Analytics.


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