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PardotLifeHack Quick Insight | A Peek into Revenue Optimization - Pardot Life Hacks - #27

August 25, 2020

Do you want to be having the same conversation about dirty data, disjointed goals, and misaligned departments three years from now, or do you want to fill the gaps in alignment for your sales, marketing, and operations teams across the entire customer journey?

This idea around alignment across departments and technology platforms means revenue optimization for your business.

Jennifer Lynn Schneider provides a #PardotLifeHack Quick Insight on Revenue Optimization to share what it truly means for companies, how they can get started, and the resulting benefits for their businesses.



  • Revenue Optimization is aligning marketing and sales practices, processes, and tech stack, to support the unique business processes, across the entire customer journey, to reach a common revenue goal.
  • Communication and siloed data are typical gaps in alignment between marketing and sales. The teams may have disjointed goals and collect different data, resulting in missed opportunities because neither team knows what the other is doing.
  • Marketing, sales, and operations need to ask themselves, have they designed the CRM and marketing automation platform to support their business processes?
  • If you ask four different people among your marketing and sales teams what an MQL is, and you get four different answers, it is time to get aligned.
  • Combining Salesforce and Pardot empowers marketers to see the open pipeline that their campaigns have influenced. They can now showcase their impact on revenue.
  • Aligning data across Salesforce and Pardot, gives sales insights into the buyer’s journey with Engagement History. Sales now has the context and background of the marketing campaigns a lead has been interacting with, so now they can have a relevant conversation speaking to the topics that specific lead is interested in.
  • When your teams commit to revenue optimization of aligning their processes and technology, the steady internal communication will provide your buyer with a better and more consistent brand experience.



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