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June 9, 2020

After you set up Salesforce Pardot connected campaigns, did you do your first email campaign and then see no campaign members listed on the record?

Jennifer Lynn Schneider brings trailblazers this QuickTip to provide a couple of options for how to add prospects as campaign members to the CRM campaign using Pardot automation. Tune in and find out how to become a connected campaign member automation pro!



  • You need to still add Pardot prospects to the Salesforce CRM campaign even if you have connected campaigns set up.
  • If you do not have access to import records in Salesforce, you can use a Pardot automation rule to add all prospects from a Pardot list to a CRM campaign and then switch out the name of the campaign to not go past your automation rule limits.
  • Be sure to include a description for your Pardot automation rules to avoid duplicates and establish a format for the description to have consistency.
  • Within your auto association settings for campaign influence you have the ability to add criteria to exclude particular campaign statuses.
  • If you try to add Pardot prospects as campaign members to a CRM campaign and they are not synced to a Salesforce record, then they will still not show up as campaign members on the report. Prospects must first be assigned to be added in Salesforce. 



  • Add all members to the campaign with the campaign status, “Sent” prior to sending the email. - Then use your completion actions on each email to update the status according to the content or CTA, etc.
  • Only add members to Salesforce connected campaigns if they are engaged.



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