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June 17, 2020

Did you configure your Zoom webinar with Pardot via lists, send out invitations to your webinar, and then find that your registrants are not showing up in Pardot under your registration list? 

Jennifer Lynn Schneider provides a guide for resolution of how to reconnect Pardot and Zoom to make sure that your registrants are getting captured in Pardot via the list integration. If you use Zoom webinar with Pardot, be sure to tune in!



  • Use consistent naming conventions for your Pardot lists to keep your assets organized. The lists should be stored in the folder of the associated webinar campaign.
  • After configuring your Zoom webinar with Pardot lists, test the configuration by registering for the webinar and see if your test registrant populates in the Pardot list.
  • Be sure to connect often with your administrator! You will need them for many instances and the reinstallation of the Pardot App for Zoom is just one example.



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