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The Hand-Off Tactical Series | Episode 3 of 3 | Opportunities - Pardot Life Hacks - #25

June 23, 2020

Does your business have a defined sales opportunity process? One with identified stages and that is understood across sales, marketing, and operations? 

Jennifer Lynn Schneider presents *The Hand-Off Tactical Series finale, featuring Opportunities. She challenges teams to collaborate in defining their opportunity process and to use the Salesforce feature Path, to illustrate the process. 

Jennifer gives her favorite Opportunity stages, the steps for Path enablement, and of course, #pardotlifehacks to spark ideas for how to automate relevant marketing that partners with the Opportunity process. Check it out!

*The Hand-Off Tactical Series l Episode 1 of 3 l Featuring Net New & Existing Leads:

The Hand-Off Tactical Series l Episode 2 of 3 l Contacts:



  • Marketers need to understand the sales team’s opportunity process and the fields that are required in Salesforce for each stage. This knowledge helps to build appropriate segmentation.
  • Your company needs to meet and decide what the Opportunity process looks like for your business and the stages that define this process.
  • Do not ignore the importance of gathering the reason for an Opportunity being Closed Lost. Consider adding a dependent field that appears when this stage is selected. Use a picklist for this field to keep data consistent. A description field can always be added in addition to the picklist field to add for further explanation.
  • Your Opportunity stages are not set in stone once Path is enabled in Salesforce. As your business changes, revisit the process with sales, marketing, operations, and service, to determine what stages are still relevant.



  • Your marketing automation tool is not just for net new leads. - It can also be used to automate your new client’s customer journey, so that your team can focus on curating a great customer relationship.
  • Use and familiarize yourself with the Opportunity Path and each step within it. - Grab your administrator and gain an understanding of the automated flows which may occur inside of Salesforce during the Opportunity process.
  • Make identifying decision makers on the buying committee a step in the sales process. - This is a great way to make it a repeatable process.
  • Think about the stages of your opportunity process. When would you be mortified if your demand gen team reached out? - Understand at which stage contacts should be suppressed from your marketing messaging. Use a Pardot dynamic list to make sure that Contacts at crucial opportunity stages only receive messaging that is relevant to them.
  • Always add guidance for each stage on your Opportunity Path.



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